How to Set up iPad

This document walks you through what the initial setup of your device will look like:

iPad How To's

The Tech and Trek Initiative is bringing the following devices to Hiram College students and faculty (click on the items below to learn more): Apple iPad Apple Folio Keyboard Apple Pencil Charging Accessories Listed below are articles on how to…

Backing up Notability

This video shows you how to set up your Notability’s auto-backup features

Noisy big megaphone

If you find you are not receiving announcements from your professors until much later, you may have your forum preferences in Moodle set to “digest” version and it means you will only receive all forum messages once a day at a specific…

Having Difficulty Connecting to the HIRAM Network on Your iPad?

If you are attempting to connect to the HIRAM network for the first time, follow these steps: Click on Settings > Wi-Fi Select the HIRAM network. Enter your Hiram username (no and password and it should allow you to…

How to AirPrint from Your iPad

There are AirPrint printers available in the Kennedy Center lab and in the Hiram College Library for students to utilize for printing purposes. If you are utilizing your Hiram College-issued iPad, you will need to install the “Papercut Mobility Print…

Mitel logo

Hiram College uses a Mitel phone system.  You can utilize the Mitel Phone User Guide to guide you through your phone setup. If you have any issues with your office phones, please reach out to the Dray HelpDesk at or…


This page includes frequently asked question and what to do for anything DUO related

DUO Mobile Enrollment Instructions

This article includes documentation that walks you through the setup process for DUO MFA