New Students

Welcome to Hiram!

Here at Hiram you will maintain your web identity using one username and password. The following sections will help you go through the set-up process for your account, as well as give instruction on how to manage your account once created. Once these are configured, you can maintain them through our website.

You will use the “Student Computer Account Information” that was emailed to you for this process. Within that document, you will have your username, Banner ID, full name, Office 365 email address, and your initial password needed to activate you account. Follow the steps below to activate your account.

You will utilize your Hiram College username and password to log into lab computers located around campus, the main campus wireless internet access (Hiram-Student, Hiram-Secure), Moodle, Hiram Portal, Office 365 email, and Web for Students.

To set up initially and to maintain your Hiram College web account, you will need to enroll through Dray Password Manager. Within Dray Password Manager, you will find all of the tools you need to maintain your Hiram College username and password. The first step is to enroll in Dray Password Manager, listed as item number 1 below, and the second step is to reset your password, listed as item number 2 below. Please follow the instructions within those links to update your Hiram College password to one you will remember.

  1. Dray Password Manager – Enrollment
  2. Dray Password Manager – Change Your Password


Your Hiram username and password will get you access to your Hiram College email account. To get to the email, you can either go directly to and click on the email tab or you can login through Office 365. The only difference when logging into your Hiram College email is that you must use your entire Hiram College email address (i.e., as the username versus simply using the username (SmithJR) as you do for all other Hiram College-related web accounts.

Important Note Regarding Your Hiram Password

Your Hiram password expires every 90 days.  You will receive a notification as you approach that date, but be sure to change your password ahead of that 90 day mark or you will be locked out of your account and you will be required to reach out directly to the Dray Help Desk for assistance!

I Forgot My Password! Now What?

If you have ever forget your password, please visit Dray Password Manager. This will reset your password for the following locations: