New Students

First of all, Welcome!

Here at Hiram you will maintain two separate accounts: Hiramnet, and Email. As a new student, you are required to do an initial configuration on each of these accounts. The following sections will help you in this process, as well as give instruction on how to manage these accounts once created. Once these are configured you can maintain them through our home website.

You will use the “Student Computer Account Information” that was e-mailed to you for this process. Within that document you will have your Hiramnet Username, Office 365 E-mail account, Banner ID, and corresponding Passwords needed to activate your accounts. Follow the steps below to activate your accounts.

  • Hiramnet (Step 1)

Your Hiramnet account is considered your web identity here at Hiram. You use this account to log on to lab computers located around campus, campus wireless internet access, Hiram Portal, Moodle and Learning House, and Web4.

To set up initially, and maintain your Hiramnet account, you will need to enroll through Password Manager. Within Password Manager, you will find all of the tools you need to maintain your Hiramnet password. Instructions on enrolling your Hiramnet account into Password Manager (enrolling is the first step) and resetting your password (second step) can be found in the links below.

Dray Password Manager – Enrollment (First Step)
Dray Password Manager – Changing your Password (Second Step)

If you would like additional information on what all this password is utilized for like Hiram Portal or Moodle, refer to the link below. (Note: This link is not necessary for initial account set up, simply for additional information)


  • Email (Step 2)

Your next step is to configure your Hiram Email account. Email serves the main method of communication between you, your professors, and classmates. Hiram College uses Office 365. To get to the email, you can either go to our home page and click on the email login box or you can login through Office 365. For information on how to configure your email, please refer to the link below.

Office 365 Activation

If you ever forget your password, please visit Dray Password Manager. This will reset your:

  • Hiramnet
  • Email
  • Moodle and Learning House
  • WiFI
  • Web4
  • and Student Portal password.