Technical Skills and Technologies

Required Technical Skills

To succeed in a Hiram College course, you should be able to:

  1. Use a mouse or keyboard to scroll, left-click, or right-click.
  2. Navigate the Internet and the Learning Management System (Moodle).
  3. Send and receive e-mails, including attachments.
  4. Use office applications (e.g., Microsoft Office 365) to create and save documents.
  5. Upload and download files in Moodle.
  6. Take a quiz or exam in Moodle.
  7. Post to discussion forums in Moodle.
  8. Download and install the required software or plug-ins on your computer.
  9. Please see syllabus for course-specific technical skills required.

Required Technologies

To successfully complete a Hiram College course, you need access to a computer and a reliable Internet connection. Mobile devices will let you access much of what is in the course but are not recommended for use with online assessments like exams or quizzes. Your computer or mobile device should:

  1. Be capable of handling Moodle. It works well with many browsers, but Firefox is particularly recommended. Internet Explorer is not. A Moodle app is now available for mobile devices.
  2. Allow you to access and download and/or create and upload documents. Hiram College provides Microsoft Office 365 free to students. Documents should be submitted in Word, PowerPoint, or Excel format unless otherwise specified.
  3. Allow you to access and/or create multimedia content, including audio content.
    1. You may need to download Adobe Flash Player to access some content, e.g. closed captions.
  4. Allow you to take online exams or quizzes.
  5. Allow you to participate in a virtual classroom via Zoom, which may require a webcam and a microphone.
  6. Please see syllabus for course-specific technologies required.