Installing and Using Office 365 Applications

Installing and Using Office 365 Applications

At Hiram, we provide all of our students with O365 Licesning. Allowing them access to the standard office products, and their own student email which allows them to send and receive emails from our staff, faculty, and students. Hiramnet password is now synced with our email password. This means that it will be reset through Password Manager every 90 days.

In order to install Office 365 Applications (Outlook, Microsoft Word, Excel, PowerPoint, etc.) Navigate to

Login using your Hiram email address (your username and password.

Once logged in, click the “Install Office” dropdown in the top right, and select “Office 365 Apps”

Follow the remainder of the prompts:

As you already signed in to access the installation package, it will link to your Hiram account automatically.


For any further inquiries, please contact the IT Helpdesk at (330) 569-5313 or email us at

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