Wireless Networks on Campus

Wireless Networks on Campus

As a growing community, Hiram College offers three distinct wireless networks that students, faculty/staff, and guests can utilize while on campus. Each has specific attributes designed specifically for each group. It is important that everyone on our campus utilizes the correct network to ensure the best internet connection.


Hiram-Secure is accessible to both students and faculty and staff. However, it is the only network that faculty and staff with Hiram accounts should connect to. On most newer devices, you will be able to connect to it like other networks. It will have you enter your Hiram username and password, and will give you additional prompts asking if you trust the network. Simply accept any prompts you are given when connecting, and you should be able to connect without issue.

On Windows 7 computers, you may have to do some extra configuration in order to connect. If you are having trouble connecting, try following the steps below. If that doesn’t help, you need help following the instructions, or if you have a non-Windows 7 computer that is struggling to connect, please contact the Dray Computer Center at helpdesk@hiram.edu, (330) 569-5313, or stop by in person.

Setting up your Wireless-Faculty and Staff



Hiram-Student is a network designed specifically for our enrolled students on campus and our weekend college students. This requires no configuration on the students machine as the network will be automatically detected. The student is required to have a valid Hiramnet username and password in order to log onto this network.



Hiram-Guest is our network specifically designated for guests to use when they visit Hiram. Upon connecting, the user will be taken to a sign-in page, which simply requires them to enter a valid email address.

Hiram-Guest is an open network (no configuration required) but has a 2 hour limit. After this 2 hour period you will be “kicked off” the guest network. You will be required to return to the login page where you will have to enter your email address again. Hiram-Guest also has restricted bandwidth that will limit the speed of this wireless network.