Setting up your Wireless - Faculty/Staff

Setting up your Wireless – Faculty/Staff

Here at Hiram we offer three different wireless options: our secure network just for faculty and staff, our student network, and our guest network. As faculty/staff you will be using Hiram-Secure as your main network. Since this is a secure network that is only available to you. As a faculty/staff memeber, you are required to configure it on your machine. If it is not already configured, just follow the steps below to configure your wireless.

  • Hiram-Secure (Step 1)

In the bottom right-hand corner you should see the wireless symbol which is comprised of five consecutively larger bars. Once located you can click on the bars and “Open Network and Sharing Center.” This will bring up another menu that will give you information about what network you are currently on, if you have internet access, etc.

Picture 9Note: If these bars do not appear on your start bar then you must click on the arrow that is also located in the same area and you will see those bar in that menu.

  • Hiram-Secure (Step 2)

You will see this box below. Once here you must click Manage Wireless Networks.

Picture 1

  • Hiram-Secure (Step 3)

You should then see the box below. This is a list containing all your wireless networks. Presumably you will not see HIRAM-Secure but you should see other Hiram networks as well as any personal ones you have set up. Now you must click on the Add button which is located in the top left-hand side.

Picture 2

  • Hiram-Secure (Step 4)

When that option is selected it will take you to this screen. You must click on the box that gives you the option to manually create a network.

Picture 3

It will then ask you to give the name, security type, etc. Fill out this information exactly as seen below.

Network Name: HIRAM-Secure
Security Type: WPA2-Enterprise
Encryption Type: AES
Security Key: Leave blank

Then you just hit next.

  • Hiram-Secure (Step 5)

Once it is located you must “Change Connection Settings”. It will show you a dialog box that has two tabs at the top. One will be Connection and the other will be Security. Go into the Security tab and from there you MUST uncheck the box shown below:

Picture 5a

Once that is complete click on the Advanced Settings. Select the options as shown below to complete this step.

Picture 6

Once that is done click okay and it should take you back to your previous dialog box. From there you must click on Settings option and a new dialog box will appear. Make sure you uncheck the Validate Server Certificate. After that is completed, you must click the Configure box as shown below.

  • Hiram-Secure (Step 6)

Once the next dialog box pops up make sure to uncheck this box. It is very important to do this step because your wireless may try to pull the incorrect password especially if this is not a laptop provided by us.

  • Hiram-Secure (Finished!)

You have completed your setup of Hiram Secure network. If any issues occur, check to ensure all the settings are correct as I described. If the issues still persist you can call us at x5313 or email us at